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Mexico 0-0 Brazil: Ochoa the hero for El Tri

Mexico played pretty well today, and came away with a well-earned draw. 6 saves from Ochoa in the Mexican goal, and a late one from Julio César to keep it scoreless for Brazil.

Michael Steele

Not much to report for Gio do Santos today.  His best chance to influence the outcome came with about 10 minutes left, but his free kick hit the Brazilian wall.  He did not have a bad game, but apart from a 20-minute spell at the beginning of the second half, he was mostly having to drop back to help defend or pick up the ball in midfield.  He did thread a nice pass through to Chicharito shortly after the Man U man came on, but he was tentative in his first touch and the chance was lost.  Then moments later, Chicharito crossed thinking Gio would be running in, but he was expecting a cutback to the top of the box.

Gio was subbed out with 7 minutes remaining, and the man who replaced him, Jimenez, had a thunderous shot parried by Julio César late on following a Mexican break.  The hero for Mexico was Meme Ochoa in goal.  He was rumored as one of our options last year before we signed Asenjo on loan; he's currently looking for a club after Ajaccio's relegation, and his price should have soared after today.

Brazil and Mexico each on 4 points, Brazil faces Cameroon in the last group match, while Croatia play Mexico.  It looks as if that one will be for all the marbles, especially if Croatia gain anything against Cameroon (as they should).

Javier Aquino, who nearly came in late in the first game, never got off the bench today.

A curiously officiated match, with several yellow cards handed out for fouls that were much less egregious than ones that went unpunished in the first half.  Still, at least the Turkish ref saw through a ridiculous attempt by Marcelo to earn a penalty late on--that was deserving of a yellow too, come to think of it!