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Villarreal Rewards Its Fans

At the Villarreal Gala held at El Madrigal, ticket prices for next year were unveiled, along with a bunch of really nice initiatives to increase actual attendance in the ground and reward those who always attend.

David Ramos

Obviously those of us far away from Villarreal aren't going to be going to every match next year, but it's still good to see what the team has on tap.

The goal for this season is 20,000 subscribers (I believe we were just short of that number last year).  Season ticket prices is most areas of the ground remain the same--even given the possibility of extended Europa League action--and some have even gone down.

New initiatives:

(1) 2013-14 season ticket holders who missed two or fewer home games can renew their season pass for 2014-15 at a 10% discount.

(2) Villarreal is creating a category called "VYP" (Very Yellow People)--yes, it's in English!!.  The deal with this is by attending all or almost all of the matches at El Madrigal, VYP holders will be able to do things like travel with the first team, meet the players, etc.

(3) Any season ticket holder who attends all the home matches (orient1, I am looking at you!!) will be able to get a nameplate for their seat the following year.  Cool.

(4) Villarreal also announced a solidarity initiative to enable people who can't usually attend a match to do so.  The deal here is a season ticket holder who knows they can't use their ticket for a particular match can let the club know that, and the club will then donate the ticket to a charity so it can be used (I assume this would be groups for underprivileged children, food banks, stuff like that).   Tickets transferred this way (up to three times in the year) count as though the subscriber attended.

(5) For the sixth year running, the club is making free passes available for the unemployed.

As we have noted before, Villarreal's budget is based more on TV revenues and sponsorship agreements than matchday income, which allows the club some flexibility in coming up with plans such as this.   Clearly the goal is both to increase the season ticket base, and ensure that a larger percentage of those tickets are used each week.  That's especially important since in Spain every match is on TV, and the kickoff times, as we have noted often, are set for the convenience of TV rather than the fans.

Sr. Roig also announced the development of a new "Sports City".  This one will cover about 10 acres, and will feature a number of soccer fields, mostly designed for the use of our affiliate club, CD Roda, who have an active youth program just as Villarreal CF does.  The land on which it will be built is to the south of downtown Vila-real.

Finally, Sr. Roig also said we are not going to sell any of our stars, but would make some outputs in order to bring in new players.  We shall see!