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BREAKING NEWS: Javier Aquino called to Mexico squad for World Cup

Luis Montes broke his leg in today's friendly versus Ecuador, and coach Herrera has called on Aquino to take his place.

Javier Aquino on his way to Brazil
Javier Aquino on his way to Brazil
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

In the 35th minute of the Ecuador-Mexico friendly, Luis Montes received a pass and cut toward the top of the Ecuador box.  Segundo Castillo came out to meet him and there was a violent meeting of the to players--Montes's right leg collided with that of Segundo Castillo.  Montes's lower leg buckled and he will miss the World Cup with a broken tibia.  Castillo suffered a knee injury and will miss the World Cup as well.

If you so desire, you can watch the replay of the contact here--it's pretty brutal:

Montes and Castillo to miss the World Cup/Marca

Coach Miguel Herrera told TV Azteca during the second half of the match he would call up Javier Aquino to replace Montes, and apparently our winger did receive a call early in the morning in Hong Kong, where he and a small group of Villarreal teammates were preparing to leave after completing their tour of China.

Congratulations to Javier on the callup, though he will not be happy with the circumstances that occasioned it.  As for Montes, he had just opened the scoring two minutes before he was injured.  Hard luck indeed.  (Mexico won 3-1, by the way).