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Podcast: Allen and Sid celebrate Villarreal's European qualification

Allen and Sid discuss the Sevilla match, our European qualification, and give predictions for the Rayo match. But largely we talk about how the squad might change during the summer.

David Ramos

Allen recently returned from Europe; Sid is heading there as I write this.  Not surprisingly, then, we both sound a little bit tired in this podcast!  We did enjoy the chat though.  Topics:

(1) The draw against Sevilla and qualification for Europa League

(2) The Villarreal roster--who might stay?  who might go?  It might be a busy summer, or not so much.  We talked about this for quite a while, trying to figure out what we needed to do to put together a roster that could qualify for the Champions League.

(3) Rayo predictions.  Sid's the pessimist this time, Allen expects three points.  Both expect lots of goals!

This is likely our last podcast until the season ends, when we'll get everybody together for a roundtable review of a fascinating season!


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