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Villarreal's season: how were our predictions?

Back in mid-August, we asked for predictions about all sorts of things--CL, EL, relegation--and also how many points Villarreal would get, where we'd finish, and who our leading scorer would be. Now it's time to see how we did!

David Ramos

Hola groguets!

I thought it might be interesting to look at how Villarreal has fared compared to what we (that's the collective "we") expected before the season started.

We had 13 predictions that I can find as comments to the original post--there may have been a couple of more I'm not finding now.

Villarreal's league finish:  predictions ranged from 4th to 11th; the average was 8th.  (Good to know that everyone thought staying in the Primera wouldn't be that hard).

(Marhabal and SalomonJ went for 6th; Allen and Julian Pedersen for 7th)

Villarreal's point total: predictions ranged from 47 to 69.  Again, the collective's prediction was slightly more pessimistic than the eventual reality, with an average of 55.7.

Villarreal's leading scorer: I guess Ike Uche is the Rodney Dangerfield of Villarreal--just doesn't get any respect.  6 people thought Perbet would finish as our leading scorer, 4 Gio, 2 Jony, and only 1--Ricardo Blonde--Uche (though he also said he'd get 23 goals; he finished with 14).

So, we did a pretty good job of predicting where Villarreal would finish.  What about the league as a whole?

La Liga champions: Real Madrid 5, Barcelona, 8.  Atleti, 0.  Not surprising, I suppose, but it shows you the tremendous job Cholo did this year.

Champions League: All but one person had the top three; 5 of the 13 had Athletic Club in fourth spot.  Other choices included Valencia (3), Sevilla (3), Malaga (1) and Villarreal (1).

Europa League: Only 4 of the 13 had Villarreal qualifying for the EL; 11 of the 13 got Sevilla right (and the two who didn't had them in the CL);  7 of the 13 got Real Sociedad right as well.

5 chose Valencia, 3 Malaga, and 3 Betis.

Relegation: Not surprisingly, no one expected Betis to be relegated.  The popular choices were:

Osasuna 12  Almeria  7   ValladolidGranada 5   Elche   4   Levante 3   Celta   2    Espanyol 1

Granada and Almeria were in danger until the end, Elche until jornada 37, and Osasuna and Valladolid did indeed go down.  No one chose Getafe, who required a stoppage-time penalty to stay up.

And I guess we must all be fans of attacking football with no defense, because no one chose Rayo, either!

Interestingly, Villarreal got 6 points off Osasuna, 3 off Valladolid, and only 1 from Betis.