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Villarreal and Celtic Submari announce "United by Hope", and other news

Moving on from the weekend's events, here's an excellent initiative from Villarreal.

Ravi and Sarah with Celtic Submari member Robin and president Ernesto.
Ravi and Sarah with Celtic Submari member Robin and president Ernesto.

The supporters' group Celtic Submari and Aspanion (an association of parents whose children have cancer, if I translated their Valencian name correctly) have launched a campaign called "United by Hope" .  The money raised is going to assist a research project that will be run by a pediatric oncology unit at a hospital in Valencia.  Currently many children with cancer have to receive aggressive treatment that leaves them unable to have children of their own, and the project is going to research ways to overcome this.

There's a goal of €150,000 and Pamesa has contributed €20,000 to get the ball rolling.  Sr. Roig, at the press conference today, said all Villarreal players and staff would be supporting the initiative and doing everything they can to insure the goal is met.

Perhaps one of the Celtic Submari members who posts on here can give us more details?  I do know this wonderful group has been going for 10 years now and they selected this project to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Other news: (1) Villarreal have been given a week to present their defense as to why they shouldn't be sanctioned as a result of the incident on Sunday.  Meanwhile, it's emerged that Neymar and Dani Alves, who have had these sorts of incidents happen to them rather too often, had agreed beforehand the next time a banana was thrown at them, they would eat it.  Which doesn't diminish the impact, but the news that a Brazilian friend of theirs is cashing in by seling T-shirts with bananas on them and an anti-racist slogan does, I'm afraid.

(2)  As noted in one of the comments yesterday, Jeremy Perbet is done for the season after suffering a nasty ankle sprain early in the match against Barcelona.   Tomas Pina's ankle injury is not as bad, but he is certain to miss the match against Sevilla at least.

(3) Speaking of the Sevilla match, it is currently scheduled for Sunday (1PM eastern time) but there is a possibility it could be moved to Monday.  Why I don't know, since the authorities have known for some time Sevilla were in the Europa League semifinals, and the final (should they get there) isn't until May 14.  If it is moved, we won't know that until after the Sevilla-Valencia second leg on Thursday.  Oh, well, Spain is Spain. It's not like we have a kickoff time or day set for the Rayo match the week after, either!!

Endavant Villarreal!