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Villarreal Does The Right Thing

Less than 24 hours after what has become the banana tweeted around the world, Villarreal has identified the culprit guilty of the racist act and has banned him from El Madrigal--for life.

Swift action from Villarreal off the pitch, as well as on it
Swift action from Villarreal off the pitch, as well as on it
David Ramos

One hopes the swift justice will get as much attention as the cowardly act itself.  Villarreal announced today that the person throwing the banana at Dani Alves had been identified, with the help of both stewards and supporters.

I am saddened to say this was not a casual fan, but a 'socio', and the club has both taken away his season ticket and banned him from El Madrigal.  El Pais reports the person in question said "I'm not racist, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing", which is a statement that I leave to others to deconstruct.

El Pais takes a swipe at 'a small group of fans who occasionally 'confuse encouragement with rudeness', and note the club is unhappy with their behavior.  The Colectivo Aldeano (I am assuming they are the group in question)  has played a large role in improving the atmosphere at El Madrigal, but there is no place for racism at our ground--which the club has made very clear.  Remembering that the whole initiative to set aside the corner where the incident occurred for these sorts of fan groups came from Sr. Roig in his 2011 "state of the team' summer address, we will wait to see what develops.

It is unfortunate that a casual reading of the El Pais article might lead one to believe that the tear-gas canister came from this area as well--it did not.

Dani Alves, for his part, has said he's been in Spain for 11 years and has had to face this all the time, so he tries to do so with humor--he also said he wouldn't ban the fan for life but would post what they did on the internet so they should be ashamed.  But in a more serious vein, he also said (from AS): "There is racism against foreigners. They sell the country (Spain) as first world, but in some things they’re very backward.”