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A new Villarreal fan forum is LIVE on the web!

One of the Villarreal USA members has created a website designed to complement our efforts here, and encourage longer-term discussion of things Villarreal. Here's more about it, and how to sign up!

Hello, everyone.  I want to announce an exciting new development that will increase the English-language presence of Villarreal on the web.

As many of you know, our current site structure works very well at providing a template for the blog writers to cover current events, breaking news, and the like.  Where it's less successful is in giving us the ability to create a post on a topic that might be worthy of occasional discussion over a longer period.   Our only ability to do this is to keep adjusting the story placement so the discussion thread keeps showing up either in the front page or very close to it.  We can do that for some topics (transfers, for example) but it's hard to know sometimes when a discussion is worthy of being pinned near the top.

We've all had the experience of thinking "Yeah, I know someone said something three weeks ago in a comment, and now I have something to say about it, but I can't find the original post".  We've tried to address that to some degree by putting up a post with a general batch of news (usually with "fans' forum" in the title) that gets left up for a while, but that isn't really the best approach either.

And with (we hope) midweek football coming next season with the Europa League, we'll have more game coverage and analysis on this site than we've had this year, so finding a post from a month or two back will become even more difficult.  Plus, posting more often results in more traffic and interest in the site, and hopefully more members in the long run (the team's performance is also a big variable, of course).

We asked SBN if there was any way to set up something on our site that would solve this problem, but they said we're locked in to this template, with all of its advantages and disadvantages. So, one of our members has come to the rescue.

Harry Drake has created a forum which can be found at  (We will include a link under the library section on our front page, if you can't find this post down the road and need it).  I encourage all of you to go there, register, and participate!

We're hoping the two sites will complement each other rather than compete with each other.   Please don't stop commenting on here because you can do so on the other site as well, but there are clearly topics that can be better addressed through the new forum than can be done here--for example, such things as matchday experiences at El Madrigal, how to travel to Vila-real, etc.-- it will be easy to find those topics in the forum.

Villarreal Fans Forum is not a part of this site, and will be run by Harry not us, so there's no way to automatically post what is said on one site to the other.  What we will try to do, and we're sure Harry will do from his end, is make sure each site is aware of relevant comments and or discussions on the other, by posting links to one site on the other, either in a forum post or an article comment.

There will of course be some teething pains as we work out how best to cooperate with each other, but Harry, Sid, Ravi and I are all in agreement that expanding the English-language web presence of Villarreal can only be a good thing, and we're delighted Harry has taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and created this forum.   Endavant Villarreal!!