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Podcast: Bilbao frustration, Valencia next up for Villarreal

Allen, Sid and Ravi review the Athletic Club draw and Gabriel explusion, and discuss the Valencia match--with three different predictions.

My man of the match versus Athletic Club--Tomas Pina
My man of the match versus Athletic Club--Tomas Pina

Hola, groguets!  Ravi, Allen, and Sidarth are all in our virtual studio this week.

Podcast contents: (1) review of the Athletic Bilbao match....lots of venting at the referee, naturally, but praise overall

(2) Gabriel suspension and lack of depth at centerback

(3) Preview of the Valencia match, complete with three different predictions (Villarreal win, lose, and draw)--you'll have to listen to find out who said what!

After that things sort of go off the rails as usual, though it was Ravi moderating the podcast this time rather than Allen, who normally is the one who drags us into discussions of all sorts of esoteric things.  At any rate, listen and enjoy, and if you have feedback for us or have things you'd like us to talk about on the podcast, do let us know!