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Villarreal News and Fans' Forum, February 25

Time for another roundup of Villarreal news and anything else deemed interesting....

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Tomas Pina--settling in nicely into the doble pivote.
Tomas Pina--settling in nicely into the doble pivote.
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

We start with an article about Gio dos Santos and Carlos Vela.  Gio of course going to the World Cup for Mexico (thanks, orient1!), and Carlos Vela refusing, yet again, to do so:   Mixed Mexico Emotions/Inside Futbol

News of Marcos Senna, in case you missed it he signed for another season with the NY Cosmos, says he still feels he can play:  Marcos Senna extends/Twice A Cosmo

I do hope we can stop talking about the tear gas incident at El Madrigal soon, but the canister itself has been traced to Serbia.  Obviously not the sort of thing freely available in Spain, and presumably purchased on the black market.  One good thing is that it was an "M83", the M meaning the gas therein had been modified to be safer in environments with lots of people.  I doubt the perpetrator knew that, somehow.  Una granada serbia en El Madrigal/El Mundo

Now, to last night's match.  I neglected to note in the match coverage that Javier Aguirre was thrown out of the match just before it ended--he had been screaming and gesticulating for most of the last half-hour, so no real surprise.  In his press conference he said he thought Espanyol deserved at least a point; Marcelino said we should have been ahead 3-0 and we certainly deserved to win.  Un victoria absolumente justa/Vavel

Nahuel Leiva is much in the news today, not just for his start and assist yesterday, but because he's been called up to the Spanish under-19 national team.  Remember he signed with us when he was 14, last year had 5 goals for the B team.  He recently received Spanish citizenship, so he can play for Spain as well as Argentina; I'm pretty sure the rules are he can play for one country as a youth international and switch at the senior level. Nahuel convocado para la sub 19/Marca

Not too many Submarine supporters in Barcelona last night, thanks to the Monday night time slot, but those that were witnessed a great match. (Only 12,000 overall, actually).  Here's the penalty save again:

Anyone want to buy a signed home jersey?  There's one up on Spain's eBay at the moment--proceeds are apparently going to water relief in Ethiopia.  Hmm...maybe we could use that to help us here in dry California.

Seriously, I know nothing about it, but it was posted on the submarinoamarillo forum, so here it is:

Finally, congratulations to Hernan Perez, who started in the Olympiakos squad who defeated Manchester United 2-0 today in Greece.  He played 85 minutes, ex-amarillos David Fuster and Ivan Marcano also started and went the whole way.

Hopefully we'll get some updates from one of the Robins (not sure if they both are still in Vila-real, but one certainly is) tomorrow on training and our injury list.

Endavant Villarreal!!