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Villarreal News and Fans' Forum, February 10

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

A couple of interesting articles to send your way this morning (well, my morning, anyway):

Villlarreal, triumph of a unique boss/ El Confidential

A nice article on Villarreal and Sr. Roig, inspired by his comments when he introduced Juan Roman and Oliver Torres to the press (we are now figuring we've reached our first goal--survival--now we aim for Europe).  It also reviews Villarreal's philosophy and quotes Pellegrini as saying 'he extended his hand to Riquelme, and he shat on it" or something to that effect...

It's not often we see an article on Villarreal in a French paper, and even less often we read of an interview with a scout for our club.  So this article from is particularly interesting:

Antonio Salamanca, scout for Villarreal, takes us behind the scenes of his trade/

A very interesting comment right away, when he says we didn't expect Hernán Pérez to leave (I take that as meaning we figured in the summer? Hmmm....).  Some interesting comments about agents, and I love the story about passing on a player after interviewing him, because the guy's wife did all the talking!

Even more unusual than an article on a scout, I think, is an article in a national paper on our women's team, in this case its coach.  Yuriko Saeki was born in Iran, her father worked for Japan Airlines so they lived all over the place, and she came to Spain in 1992.  She's now coaching our women's team, which is challenging for promotion to the top division of women's football in Spain.

Yuriko Saeki/Marca

Meanwhile, sitting here in the middle of La Liga Justa, the mind boggles at the thought that Real Madrid is feeling hard done by the officials, but apparently 'tis so.  And so of course the club has said they are going to launch an offensive aimed at changing how the RFEF appoints match officials:

Madrid plotting referee match reshuffle/AS (in English)

I admit, one does have to wonder at some of the calls Barça have gotten of late....the Sevilla match, the Mario handball, the red card yesterday for La Real after Mascherano could have been sent off.....but seriously, look at the referees we have had this season.  How many have done a respectable job?  Maybe half?

And news of ex-coach Lotina (forgive the mention): he lasted only a month at his job in Cyprus:

Lotina gone after five matches/El Gol Digital

We'll keep this post up on the top to collect comments during the week.  Endavant Villarreal!