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Villarreal score four in second half to destroy David Moyes's Real Sociedad

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Well, if David Moyes didn't know he had a rebuilding job on his hands, he does now. Villarreal 4, Real Sociedad 0, and the match was as lopsided as the score.

David Ramos/Getty Images

No Musacchio, No Cani, no problem.

Villarreal could have had an opening goal within ten minutes, Vietto firing over after a defensive error by La Real, and had the better of the first half,  the Submarine's back four looking untroubled as the visitors failed to create any chances themselves.   De La Bella could have been sent off as last man for a challenge on Vietto with 10 minutes left in the half--he received yellow instead-- and the first period ended 0-0.

In the second half, Villarreal's superiority continued.  Vietto (again) could have opened the scoring in the 55th minute, but his shot went off the inside of the post.  No matter; eight minutes later Captain Bruno stepped up to a free kick, slammed it off the crossbar, off the keeper's back, and into the goal. 1-0!!

Sometimes Villarreal has been unable to kill a match off, letting the opponent equalize late.  It looked briefly as though that might happen again: Vietto hit the post for a second time, Cheryshev and Uche both missed good chances.  But in the 73rd minute, Cheryshev made it 2-0, this time off the post and into the net. Vietto and Uche set him up, but Jonathan dos Santos, who had an excellent game, made the killer pass to start the move.

Moi Gomez came on for Uche, who had worked hard as always, and within 15 minutes, our Spanish U-21 international (one of them, Iñiguez being on loan but still ours) had bagged two goals.  The first illustrated the holes in the Real defense; no one took Moi on, he laid the ball off and then got into perfect position for the strike; the second was, to be honest, a hard, low shot, but the keeper just didn't get down to it.

Vietto and Uche, though neither had a goal on the day, linked up very well, and Jonathan dos Santos was excellent on the right wing.  A fine win to give the team a lot of confidence ahead of the trip to Cyprus in midweek.  Endavant Villarreal!!