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B team loses to Lleida, 2-0 in a controversial match

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First goal scored off a corner kick. Second goal apparently was a "phantom goal".

Anyone remember Salva Chamorro?  He's a striker who played for our C and B teams but was eventually cast loose; he scored 10 goals last season in Llagostera's promotion year, but found himself looking for another club.  He scored today for Lleida--or maybe he didn't.

Whatever happened, Villarreal B keeper Aitor went ballistic and was given a red card from the referee for his protesting (he already had a yellow), so we ended up playing with 10 men for the last 20 minutes.

Nahuel and Jose Naranjo played the last half-hour or so of the match.

Lleida go 3rd in the table at the moment, our B side is 10th.