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Villarreal begin competition in "Premier under-21" competition next week

Since UEFA nixed the idea of an under-21 club tournament happening in Europe, the Premier League organized the tournament so all the matches are played in the UK, so UEFA approval isn't needed.

IN addition to the regular B and C matches, etc., next week a team made up mostly of B teamers but with additions will travel to Sunderland to play their under-21 club.  This is part of the first "Premier League international Cup U-21" being held in the UK.

All the matches are being played in the UK, since UEFA wouldn't give the goahead for something more like a European Cup for youth sides, which was the original idea.   HAlf of the teams are from the UK, the other half are invited sides; Atletic Bilbao is the only other Spanish side in the competition.

Villarreal has not yet named their team, but the backbone of it is expected to be B-team players, with some additions from the C ranks and possibly below.

We are in a group with Sunderland, Everton (who replaced Manchester United) and our friends Celtic.  Maybe the Celtic Submari will arrange a trip to see the youngsters play?