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Cadiz CF-Villarreal CF GAMETHREAD

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The battle of the Yellow Submarines. Is there a chance we'll wear our third kit, the red with yellow lettering? I sure hope so--it looks great and it's probably our only chance.

We played in yellow and blue in 2003.
We played in yellow and blue in 2003.
Firo Foto/Getty Images

It appears there will be plenty of streams for this match in the usual places as Villarreal take on Cadiz.  Nice to see AS has come down on the side of Villarreal being the original "Yellow Submarine". (The song was released first in 1966, which is when a Spanish-language cover was done by "Los Mustang"; Villarreal's promotion in 1968 was just before the film "Yellow Submarine" came out, so the timing seems pretty good).

I didn't realise Marianne Faithfull sang on the original.....oh, yes, the match.  Marcelino said this is not going to be a trial for anyone, and we should beat Cadiz.

Yes, we should, but our record in this competition has been wretched, with eliminations at the hands of clubs that aren't even around any more (Poli Ejido) and losses that resulted in managers losing their jobs (Garrido after the Mirandés home defeat).   We have made it to the quarterfinals only four times, and have never made it to the semis.  Could this be our year?

Villarreal's starting XI: Juan Carlos; Rukavina, Puerto, Dorado, Marín; Pina, Jona dos Santos, Espinosa, Nahuel; Gerard y Naranjo.

No real surprise there: Uche, Trigueros, Jaume Costa and Asenjo all on the bench and hopefully not needed.  I had wondered if Moi would get a runout to see if he was recovered from his injury but I guess not.