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UK media report Liverpool 'preparing a move for Vietto'

Of course, they also say Liverpool are "keen to beat Real Madrid to the punch for his services".

Vietto transfer rumors: get used to them....
Vietto transfer rumors: get used to them....
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

UK papers (here is a typical story, referring to Vietto as the "new Aguero"--no pressure there!) are reporting Liverpool are going to try to get Luciano Vietto from Villarreal next month for something like €15m.  Liverpool did "track him" a couple of years ago, and Mario Balotelli is rumored to be on his way out (having arrived only four months ago), so Liverpool's interest makes sense as far as that goes.

I don't know what Vietto's release clause is; I do know his agent owns 20% of his rights.

Why it makes sense:  Liverpool need a striker, yes. And they need to sign a player to get the fanbase excited.

Why it doesn't make sense:  Villarreal have no need to sell for financial reasons, and certainly don't want to offload one of our players we're building our "4G" Villarreal around.   We signed him at the right time, we wouldn't be able to find another striker for the €15m or whatever we got who could just walk into our squad.

It makes no sense to take a player who the fanbase has embraced as the team has done well and sell them, especially after we've just told everyone "the future is bright" and so forth.

It doesn't make sense for Liverpool as much as you might think.  It took Vietto several months to settle in here, and that was with lots of practice time, a coach and playing staff he has gotten to know, and a playing style that suits him very well.  And no pressure.  Villarreal fans were excited about his signing, sure, but we weren't running around comparing him to Aguero.  We had Gio, Uche and Gerard Moreno to fall back on.  Seems to me Liverpool are looking for a magic bullet right now.

And then there's Vietto himself.  Villarreal scouted him for quite a while, and also representatives of the team met with his family over a long space of time to get them comfortable with him moving to Europe.  Vietto doesn't strike me as a player who would pull up stakes quickly and move to the hurly-burly of the EPL and continuous coverage from the English media.  Villarreal is a place where he can quietly live his life off the pitch; but if he signs for Liverpool as "the new Aguero?"  Forget it.  He will be under the microscope from day 1.

At this stage of his career a move makes no sense, and I am fairly certain he and his agent know that.  Better for him to use that interest (if it is real) to negotiate a higher salary and release clause in the summer, maybe?  But get used to these sorts of stories about him in January and the summer, folks; it's Rossi all over again.

Likelihood of happening: not zero, but small.  1 out of 10, maybe?  Only happens if Vietto and his agent force it and his release clause is met, in my opinion.