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Current Villarreal salaries and contracts

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I ran across this site while looking for data on Jony Pereira. Apart from not having much data on release clauses, it's pretty good.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

As we wait for the January transfer window to open, here is some data on player salaries and contracts you may find interesting, from the Golden Goals site.

Players whose contracts expire in June 2015:

Aitor (B team goalkeeper), Chechu Dorado, Gerard Moreno; Uche's did, but he has renewed.

Denis Cheryshev's contract with Madrid I believe runs until 2017.

Of those, Gerard is clearly someone we want to extend; I doubt we do much with Dorado, and I have no opinion about Aitor.  Of course, we would like to work out something permanent for Cheryshev.


You might think Bruno would be our highest-paid player, and he sort of is at €2.5 million/year, but Victor Ruiz (€2.7m) actually has a higher salary (Valencia's salary structure has been ridiculous the past few years).  My guess is Valencia is absorbing some of that salary, but I don't know for certain.

Uche (€1.7m), Gio (€1.6m) and Cani (€1.6m) are next, then there is a big drop down to Musacchio and Asenjo (€1m each) and a number of players in the €800k-900k range.  Interestingly, this includes Cheryshev, so salary may not be that much of an issue as far as bringing him here permanently.

Not listed here are our loanees.  Jony, according to this, is making €900k yearly, at least some of which we are paying according to earlier reports; Aquino makes €380k and Pantic €300k, and I assume Rayo and Cordoba are paying most if not all of this.

Salaries in La Liga: the average salary for Real Madrid is nearly €10m, Barca's nearly €8m, Atleti's €3.7m.  Then there is a big drop to Sevilla (€1.5m), Valencia (€1.3m), and Real Sociedad, Athletic Club, and Villarreal, all of whom have average salaries of just under €1m.   Getafe (!!) is actually next, with Malaga just behind, around €700m.

Implications for Villarreal moves:

(1) Moving Cani to another La Liga side might be difficult unless he is willing to take a significant reduction in salary.  The most obvious fit in terms of salary is probably Malaga, Valencia, or Sevilla (Malaga just sold their most expensive salary, Santa Cruz, so have some space available).  But does Villarreal want to strengthen a team they're competing closely with for Europe?  Certainly that would not be the preferred choice.

(2) Clearly Villarreal want to obtain Denis Cheryshev permanently.  There have been some encouraging noises from the Cheryshev camp about that possibility; he is clearly not going to get a chance at Madrid, and Villarreal would appear to have some room to bump his salary up.  The sticking point is of course how much cash Madrid will demand for him; his release clause is €20m but obviously we would like to negotiate that downward if possible.

(3) Look for a Gerard Moreno renewal sometime in the spring.  We certainly want to keep him around!