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Squad chosen for Cadiz match, plus other Villarreal news

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We have a small (16-man) traveling squad for the match tomorrow in Cadiz. A lot of first teamers are rested, and three B-team players come into the group.

Former Cádiz loanee Jaume Costa among the 16 traveling to Andalusia
Former Cádiz loanee Jaume Costa among the 16 traveling to Andalusia
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Without further ado, here is the team call:

  • Keepers: Juan Carlos and Asenjo.
  • Defenders: Rukavina, Jaume Costa, Adrián Marín, Dorado and Israel Puerto (shirt 30).
  • Midfielders: Pina, Trigueros, Jonathan dos Santos, Espinosa, Moi Gómez and Nahuel (shirt 27).
  • Strikers: Gerard Moreno, Uche and José Naranjo (number 42).

We do have a good draw in the Copa, and so want to take the competition seriously.  But at the same time, some of our regulars are nicked up (Cani, Gio), others have been playing every minute of every match (Bruno, Gabriel, Mario), and with a match at home against Real Sociedad, followed by a trip to Cyprus in midweek, I can totally understand the decision to rest a lot of the regulars.

Seeing this team call, I would expect a lineup of something like JC in goal; Rukavina, Dorado, Puerto, Jaume Costa or Adrian Marin (I would say Marin, but Costa played in Cadiz, so maybe he gets the nod as a tribute); Nahuel, Pina, Trigueros, Moi or Espinosa, depending on what is really going on with him; Gerard and Uche.

Marcelino explained in his press conference that he felt Luciano Vietto in particular needed a rest ahead of Sunday's match, and Gio is still unavailable; he praised Fran Sol and Naranjo both, and said this time he went with Naranjo (who scored two goals for the B team in their last match).   He also said we are not underestimating Cadiz; we are in the Primera and so on paper we should win, but they will not be an easy opponent in their ground.  They lost out in the Segunda B promotion playoffs last time, so we know they have a good team.

A couple of other tidbits:

(1) Even before last weekend, the 'Colectivo Aldeano' group announced they were 'suspending their animation activities' at El Madrigal.  The Colectivo is decidedly NOT an ultra group--they have no political ideology and if you remember were encouraged by Villarreal CF to "animate" the ground--but there have been some concerns that the level of rowdiness has increased, and evidently their leaders and the club are not seeing eye to eye on some things.

(2) L'affaire you probably know, social media responses to Marcelino playing Rukavina ahead of Espinosa were 100% negative (Javi Mata on Radio Vila-real pointed this out in the pregame buildup).  Apparently Espinosa's brother retweeted a lot of those negative tweets, but they have since been deleted from his account. It is worth remembering that originally the club had planned to loan Espinosa out this season, so Marcelino saw enough positives in the summer that he wanted to keep him around.  Let's hope all this is a tempest in a teapot!

(3) Teams of the week.  Villarreal players feature in two of these three.  I encourage you to first have a guess at which of our players might have been chosen, then click on this link and see if you were right!!