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Cani to move on in the winter market? Maybe

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Apparently one of the headlines in the EPM newspaper tomorrow (I have not yet seen the story) is that Cani could move on this January.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Today's EPM newspaper has a front-page story suggesting Villarreal may look to sell Cani this January.  This would be a big deal inasmuch as Ruben Gracia Calmache, a/k/a "Cani" joined Villarreal in the summer of 2006 from Real Zaragoza for €11 million, and has appeared in over 300 matches for Villarreal in all competitions since then.

But he's finding it difficult to get regular minutes in the side, and while that's been primarily due to injury, the emergence of youngsters such as Moi Gomez and Jonathan dos Santos has to be considered.   And then there is Denis Cheryshev.  He's on loan from Real Madrid; if we feel we can make his move permanent, either in the January window or in the summer, it's hard to see Cani playing a big role in 2015-16.

What do you think?  At age 33, can Cani still contribute?   Should Villarreal keep him in hopes of a return to fitness in 2015-16 in case Cheryshev doesn't return?  Or should we bid him farewell, even if we get little in return?  Discuss below!