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Sr. Llaneza, Bruno: The future is bright

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Marcelino has been in charge of Villarreal for more matches than any other
Marcelino has been in charge of Villarreal for more matches than any other
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Bruno Soriano is quoted in a long article yesterday; main points he made were that Villarreal's year in the Segunda was critical, because we were able to get out in one year and come back stronger.  As he put it, 'a second year in the Segunda would not have been good for us.'

Also of note, Marcelino has now coached Villarreal in more matches than any other: 87 matches, versus 85 for Sporting and 84 at the helm of Recreativo.  His 57 matches in the Primera with Villarreal are also the most he's coached any team there.  While Bruno praised Ernesto Valverde, who made him a starter, he had some interesting things to say about Marcelino: he specifically praised his competitiveness and said "he teaches us to never give up, urges us never to get tired of winning".

Sr. Llaneza was very upbeat in a newspaper article and also in comments published on the official website.  He was very upbeat about the coming year, and said he thinks we will have a 'spectacular January'. There have been years when we've had more points, but he is especially optimistic given the way the cantera is contributing and the first team is coming together.

Like Bruno, he referenced the Segunda year, calling it a 'catapult', saying 'we have come back stronger than ever' and we are self-sufficient, debt-free and have young players who are contributing at the highest level.  And he also highlighted the EndaVant Provincia initiative the team has undertaken.

Nothing earthshaking, I suppose, but good to hear optimism from the front office and team captain!