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Villarreal-Deportivo GAMETHREAD

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Our last match in 2014--let's get three points, Yellow Submarine!

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

2014 record: 9-5-8 (32 pts from 22 matches) in the league in 2nd half of last season

8-3-4 (27 pts from 15 matches) in the league in 1st half of this season

0-1-1 Copa del Rey 2013-2014

2-0-0 Copa del Rey 2014-2015

5-2-1 Europa League 2014-2015

total (all competitions): 24 wins, 11 draws, 14 losses.  Total 83 points from 49 matches.  Depor will be our fiftieth match of the calendar year (not counting friendlies).

I am queueing this Satuday evening (the match is at 3AM my time) so I hope people can come on here and post the team news when it's released and give comments.   A reminder to American supporters to look for streams, as this match is not being televised in the US

Endavant Villarreal!!