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Villarreal academy: three named to Spain's U-16 squad

Always hard to predict what will happen, of course, since youngsters mature at different times and all, but it's clear the talent pipeline at the Villarreal academy is continuing to impress.

A field of dreams, indeed.
A field of dreams, indeed.
S.R. Sidarth

Villarreal placed three players on the Spain U-19 squad, and now they've placed three on the U-16 squad.  The players are Edu Adell and Ivan Martín, who both play for the Cadete A, and Sergio Lozano, who is with the Juvenil B. They'll be playing friendlies in Turkey next week.

It's great to see this, and it's also excellent that the club offcial site is beginning to feature more about the cantera, including a 'cantera team of the week' and occasional profiles on players.  I found this one interesting on one of our Juvenil B players, 16 year-old Vicent Abaso Bellido, who is evidently quite a linguist!