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Luciano Vietto wanted by Inter Milan?

December 1st, the opening of the transfer window only a month away, so the rumors start. First up, Luciano Vietto and Milan!

Still not sure about the velvety ball....
Still not sure about the velvety ball....
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

The Italian papers are never shy about coming up with transfer news, and reports Inter Milan are interested in Luciano Vietto.

Calling him "the new Palacio" (don't they already have one?), Vietto is described as operating well in tight spaces and "with a bit of velvety ball", whatever that means.  I was delighted to see while Villarreal paid €5.5 million for him this summer, "he is already worth €9".

Likelihood of this happening?  Very low, but it's interesting to see his success is being noticed.  Glad he's under contract until 2019.