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Villarreal will hold a holiday party before the Depor match

The group of penyas (supporters' clubs) will run a raffle, little kids will have inflatables to play on, there will be paella....another one of those events that makes Villarreal....Villarreal.

Anyone planning to attend the Depor match on Sunday ought to come a couple of hours early to enjoy the atmosphere, as Villarreal holds a Christmas fiesta before the match.  It will include a raffle to benefit Caritas (donations of food get you a ticket), face-painting and inflatable bouncy things for the kids....and chocolate!

Also happening at the same time is the "Endavant Burriana" party featuring food from that town and entertainment by the local band.   It's hard to imagine these sorts of local events happening at many clubs, but it's part of what makes Villarreal so unique--and also so important in the local community.

Coincidentally, the town of Vila-real released its budget for 2015-- €44.3 million.   That's roughly what Villarreal CF's budget was tin 2012-13, when we were in the Segunda.  Our budget now is more in the €60-65mil range, I believe.   Shows you what an economic engine Villarreal is in the Castellón region--supporting other sports in the area, tourism promotion, as well as the more obvious things-- a multitude of youth football sides, the football academy, and so forth.  Sure, we focus on the results on the pitch most of the time, but let's not lose sight of the other stuff that makes the yellow Submarine so special.    Endavant Villarreal.