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Ike Uche and Jefferson Montero among those named in match-fixing case

The prosecutor has named all the players involved in the Zaragoza-Levante match as defendants, based apparently on the money trail.

Jefferson Montero among 41 players named in criminal match-fixing complaint
Jefferson Montero among 41 players named in criminal match-fixing complaint
Harry Engels/Getty Images

For the first time ever in Spain a public prosecutor has filed a criminal complaint related to match-fixing in Spain.  42 defendants have been named, including the 18 players from Levante and Real Zaragoza selected for the May 21, 2011 match, Real Zaragoza coach at the time Javier Aguirre, and Zaragoza's chairman, as well as the club itself.

According to this article, the Zaragoza management and captains of the two teams, "with the consent of the rest of the players", agreed to pay off Levante in return for the necessary win to stay in the Primera.  Funds were transferred into bank accounts of some of the Zaragoza players, who then withdrew the money in cash and handed it to Levante players "in agreement with the other Zaragoza players involved in the match".

Now, it is up to the investigating judget ot review this criminal complaint and choose to indict all, some, or none of the 42 defendants, but there are some big names among the 42-- Javier Aguirre (now coaching Japan), Ander Herrera (Man Utd), Gabi (Atletico Madrid's captain, and captain of Zaragoza at the time).  The complete list of players named to the two squads can be found here, and includes Jefferson Montero, who was on loan to Levante at the time, as well as fellow Ecuadorian international Felipe Caicedo and ex-amarillo Javi Venta.  Ad Ike Uche, who played the first 55 minutes before being substituted.

Regardless of the eventual decision from the judge to indict or not, there are some big names here whose reputations are at the least tarnished by the complaint.  I suspect Sr. Roig will be asking Uche some questions of his own as this unfolds.