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Zurich-Villarreal GAMETHREAD

Our lineup is out....a surprise or two, but largely as expected

Dennis Grombkowski

Villarreal gives Bruno Soriano a rest!!

Our lineup is Juan Carlos; Rukavina, Gabriel, Víctor Ruiz, Adrián; Moi, Pina, Jonathan, Espinosa; Giovani and Gerard.

So the first time we have dos Santos and dos Santos in the sparting lineup, if I'm not mistaken, and Tomas Pina starts for us--his first appearance in some time.

Zurich's lineup looks to be da Costa in goal; back three of Elveli, Nef and Djimsiti; Kukali and Yapi-Yapo; Rodriguez, Chikhaoui, Buff, and Schonbachler; Etoundi up front