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Villarreal B-Olimpic de Xativa

Villarreal C plays away to Torre Levante at the same time, too. The B team match, being at home, will be shown on the official website's Villarreal TV Live.

Villarreal B comes off a fine win at Alcoy, looking to move further up the Segunda B, Division 3 table with a win over Olimpic de Xativa.  Our visitors have mostly been a Tercera club since their founding in 1932.  I suppose there are probably plenty of links between Villarreal and Olimpic over the years when we were a lower division club as well, but records are pretty scanty (especially in English!) on Villarreal in those days.

The only real connection I could find was Benito Floro; we hired him from Olimpic as coach in 1988-89, when we were in the Segunda B ourselves (he had just taken Xativa to that division).  He lasted only a year before moving on, though he returned to coach Villarreal in 2003-04.  Though we tend to think of Villarreal's success in the 2000's as taking place wholly under Manuel Pellegrini, it was Floro who led Villarreal to a UEFA Cup semifinal and 8th place in La Liga in 2003-04.

As for the town of Xativa itself, you can read something about its history here.  At one time it was the second most important habitation in the Valencian region, but those days are long gone.  As you might expect, though, many of their players, including leading scorer Alex Cortell and 35 year-old keeper David Rangel, played in the Valencia system.  They also have a fellow from Equatorial Guinea, Raúl Fabiano, who played for Alcoyano and Huracán Valencia.

I will post the lineup in comments when I have it and encourage everyone to follow the match on the Villarreal TV site.