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Villarreal-Getafe GAMETHREAD

We need a win, guys. Three points would take us back toward European places and give us momentum ahead of the Gladbach match; anything else, not so much.

 Jaume Costa in action earlier this season.  He'll probably start today, I'd think.
Jaume Costa in action earlier this season. He'll probably start today, I'd think.
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

With Sevilla, Malaga and Celta all losing this weekend, a Villarreal victory would move us closer to the European places.  Missing Bruno and Gio will hurt us, for sure, so we need some of our players who haven't been at their best of late, either through injury or otherwise, to step up.

I expect the real key to this match is going to be whichever club's midfield can be more successful.  For us, that's going to involve creative passing to open up the Getafe defense; for them, it's going to be breaking up our passes and making a quick transition from defense to attack.  So players like Cani and Trigueros for us, and Lassen and Sammir for them, will be key.

Last year in El Madrigal, Getafe got an early goal through a defensive mixup, and then a turnover and quick break from Getafe resulted in a Pablo Iñiguez red card before halftime.  With the lead, Getafe were happy to push us around physically and in the end got a second goal in stoppage time.  We need to avoid those sorts of mistakes this time.

None of the regular VUSA crew are going to be able to catch this, I don't think, so I will post this thread and if someone can begin the comments with the lineups and then everyone can comment form there, that would be great.  And if someone wants to volunteer to write a recap, let me know!