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Mukwelle Akale: Young American impresses at Villarreal

Akale liked his time in Villarreal last month, and Villarreal liked him as well. He doesn't turn 18 until January, but hopes to return to Villarreal then.

Youth international Mukwelle Akale spent the preseason with us (he played with our youth squad that played against Southampton's youth squad, and scored a goal).  He's only 17, so can't sign a contract with Villarreal until he turns 18 in January.

There's a nice article about him:

US Teen Mukwelle Akale could land at Villarreal -- American Soccer Now

and one in Spain, courtesy of Arch Bell:

An American in Villarreal? -- Marca

Excerpt from the first article above:

"Akale impressed during his time at Villarreal and the club wanted the Minneapolis native to return for another stint. He spent most of the second half of September in Spain and will return again in January. Due to FIFA rules, he is unable to sign with a European club until he turns 18—which he will on January 18, 2015.

In Spain there are few roster spaces available for players who don't have European Union passports or certain African passports. Akale is attempting to obtain a Cameroonian passport through his father but Villarreal’s interest in him is significant whether or not he gets it. While all decisions regarding his future at Villarreal will be formally made once he turns 18, Akale is determined to begin his career in Europe".

We look forward to seeing him again in January!  Endavant!