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Villarreal B-Real Zaragoza B

Don't know if any of you will get a chance to watch this, but after being rained out last week, our B team returns to action with a home match against Zaragoza's second team. Worth a watch, I'd say. Check out the official site's "live" stream at 9AM Pacific time, noon EDT.

Villarreal's second team has had a slow start to the season, currently with only five points from five matches.  Their last match, against Badalona at their ground, was abandoned when the skies opened and made the pitch unplayable midway through the first half of a scoreless match.

Our last completed game was an impressive 2-0 win over Espanyol's B team, which currently leads the division.  Our next opponent doesn't look as good on paper--Zaragoza's B team has 6 points from 6 matches, and has allowed 14 goals so far, most in the league.

With players like Israel Puerto and Adrian Marin being called up to the first team, the B team doesn't have as many bodies to choose from these days.  The good news is that Pepe Pulau, who suffered a horrible knee injury last season, has returned to the call.  So too has Jonathan Espericueta, who has had little playing time since breaking a bone in his foot.  The complete call is:

  • Keepers: Aitor and Bañuz.
  • Defenders: Felipe Alfonso, Galas, Blázquez, Tano and Javi Ramírez.
  • Midfielders: Pepe Palau, Nahuel, Sergio Marcos, Pablo González, Espericueta, Anton, Jason and Marc Mateu.
  • Strikers: Esteve, Fran Sol, José Naranjo and Cubillas.

As with all of our home matches of the B team (and maybe the C as well), the official club site is streaming this one.   You can either watch it on the official team site, or on youtube on their channel.  Either way, it's worth doing.   If you haven't watched one of these matches before, there is no commentary, and only one camera (I think) which shoots from the side of the ground across from the main stand.

Since immediately behind that stand, there can be a youth match going on, at times the shouts the camera picks up have nothing to do with the action the camera sees!  It's all a lot of fun, though, and in spite of our slow start to the season, the B team has a number of players who might feature for the first team later on.

So join me (I'll at least try to post the lineup and numbers if I can, and score updates) and let's support the B team. Endavant mini-submarino!!