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Match-fixing inquiry continues: Uche to testify Monday

The match in question is the Zaragoza-Levante match in 2011.

Tebas is at least trying to eradicate match-fixing in La Liga.
Tebas is at least trying to eradicate match-fixing in La Liga.
Dave Thompson

Spanish justice may move slowly, but it is beginning to move.  Yesterday Zaragoza's club president at the time was called to testify before a judge, but the real revelations came from current Atletico Madrid captain Gabi (who scored both goals in the match in question)

"I did what the club told me to do"/ Daily Mail

Sid Lowe's blog last week quoted former Villarreal (and other clubs) player Gica Craioveanu as saying "this sort of thing happens and always has", especially in the lower divisions.  Javier Tebas appears to have made investigating match-fixing a personal crusade, which is not a bad thing

"Spain finally getting serious about match-fixing"/ ESPN FC

As I noted last week, Ike Uche was a player on that Zaragoza squad, and he has been asked to testify at the ongoing hearing on Monday.

Deportivo (the club relegated as a result of the 'fixed' Zaragoza-levante result, if fixed it was) is keeping an eye on proceedings.

Of interest to Villarreal fans is the news that the Zaragoza-Getafe match in 2012 is perhaps next on the list to be investigated.  You may recall that in that one, Getafe managed no shots on goal (in their own stadium) and had three players sent off; Zaragoza won.  Had they not done so, Villarreal would have stayed up in spite of our failure to pick up a point in our last match of the season.

What is done can't be undone, but it would be good to see justice prevail.