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Villarreal news, October 22: Injury news, Pablo Iñiguez interview

On the road here in Michigan, just time for a few snippets of Villarreal news as we look ahead to the visit of Zurich to El Madrigal tomorrow....

Pablo Iñiguez

Hola groguets!

As Robin posted, the Competitiion Committee annuled Cheryshev's yellow, which is basically saying Clos Gomez should have awarded us a penalty and sent the keeper off, correct?  Good thing we won this match, or there would be some very angry people after the job Clos Gómez did.

I have not seen any news on Cani's injury--since Espinosa wasn't in the call for Almeria, I am expecting Cani (even if OK) won't be featuring against Zurich, but the report from someone watching practice was that Cani was training normally.

Not so good for Musacchio, who was hoping to return for the Sevilla match--he had some discomfort in practice and left training early apparently.

Chechu Dorado apparently doesn't have any significant problem, so may be OK to play against Valencia anyway.  Strained muscle but nothing worse.

Pablo Iñiguez gave a long interview to blauigroc, and it's worth reading, here.  If you didn't know (I didn't), he is related to Sr. Roig--he is Iñiguez's grandmother's brother.  He also says while he can play center back and midfield, he prefers midfield.  He has high praise for Marcelino (not surprisingly!) and had some interesting comments (though he's careful about them) as far as the situation when Marce arrived--namely, that there were cliques in the changing room.  Also, he singled out Tito Canteros for praise, saying he went from a player with no confidence to a player who had a key role in our promotion.

He also mentions trying to follow the last match of the season against Almeria from Poland, where the Spanish under-21 team was, with Moi.  That's my excuse for putting up one of our favorite all-time photos, which they were kind enough to tell us we could use!