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Will Uche return to the Nigerian fold now that Keshi is gone?

Nigeria won their African Cup of Nations qualifier on Wednesday, but Stephen Keshi was fired anyway. WIll the new coach, whoever he is, bring back Ike Uche into the team?

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Nigeria's campaign to qualify for the African Cup of Nations has been difficult, though matters improved somewhat with a 3-1 home win over Sudan.  Nonetheless, coach Stephen Keshi has been fired.

There are many things happening in Nigerian football that are not Keshi's fault, as this article from the Guardian admirably details, but Keshi has also frozen out a number of players from the squad for reasons best known to himself, including Ike Uche.

Last week Keshi gave interviews where he first said he didn't want to talk about Uche, then said (as he has before) that Uche "wanted to be begged to play", and rejected a callup because he didn't want to get a visa, or something.

Uche had been ignoring all this, but on his twitter account last Thursday, said: "Important to clear the air. I never spoke to the Nigeria team secretary about South African visa or demand (sic) to have a word with the coach at any time".

Well, now Keshi is gone.  The next African Cup of Nations qualifier for Nigeria is an away match in the Congo on November 14.  Will Uche be there?