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Villarreal obtains Atletico starlet Oliver Torres on loan

We whiff on Canales (thanks SO much, Valencia!) but we do pick up an interesting prospect, 20 year-old Oliver Torres. Spanish international

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Villarreal have agreed with Atlético Madrid (hold your nose, maddi!) to take young attacking midfielder Óliver Torres on loan. The deal is intially for this season, with an option for 2014-2015.

Is he a straight replacement for Hernán Perez? Yes and no. He can play on the wing, but he's more of a creative player like a Trigueros than a strict winger. Which means, like Trigueros, he can play in the doble pivote, or be out wide.

There's a video of him playing for the Spanish U-19 side (La Rojita) which indicates this--he's playing in the middle, and is quite proficient in reading the play and connecting on long passes.

He is currently out of action with a dislocated shoulder, but should return soon (sounds like he should be ready for the matches after Valentine's Day with any luck).

He's only 19, and looks it--but he does have a reputation as a creative player. initial reaction on twitter has been quite positive. I don't see him as adding a lot right away, but he sounds like the kind of player we might enjoy. Though we have been getting away from the dominating possession mode, which he flourishes in.

BTW, his release clause is €22m--shows you how much upside he has (transfermarkt already puts his value at €8m)

We'll update with any more transfer news as we have it. Endavant Villarreal!