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Podcast: La Real, Almeria reviewed and Valladolid previewed

That intrepid duo, Allen and Sidarth, gamely battle on without Ravi, and in 45 minutes manage to discuss the La Real league and cup matches, our win against Almeria, and look ahead to Valladolid.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Ravi was on his way back from India as we recorded this one....Allen and Sid review the Real Sociedad league match (we liked that one), briefly review the second leg of the Copa (not as good) and then review our win over Almeria last weekend.

We then prove we're as confused as anyone about why Real Valladolid are where they are--much better roster than Almeria, but in the drop zone--and give our predictions for this one. We also look at the remaining schedule and how it might favor Athletic Bilbao of the challengers for fourth in La Liga. Have a listen.

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