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Villarreal Transfer Rumors (and fans' forum)

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

So, as long threatened, here is a placeholder for us to discuss any interesting rumors during the January transfer window.  It will be updated periodically with whatever firm news actually comes about.

So, on January 1, here are the rumors I am aware of:


Jefferson Nasciamento (Sporting de Portugal) -- Brazilian, 25 years old, left back.  €3.5m valuation on transfermarkt.  I don't think this is a pressing need for us, so tend to discount this one.

Alfred Finnbogason (Heereenveen) -- Icelandic international, 24 years old, striker.  €4-5 million needed to get him by most accounts


Hernán Perez--word is Garrido would like to have him for Betis.  Not necessarily saying we would want to let him go.

Pablo Iñiguez, Moi Gomez--with the emergence of Gabriel, Iñiguez has slipped down the pecking order.  Moi has had some good minutes, but would he benefit from more playing time elsewhere?

Update as of January 14--with 10 goals in our last two league matches, and the emergence of Moi as a fine replacement for Cani in the near term, I believe we can assume we're not in terrible need of another striker (unless someone departs) and Moi is not going anywhere.

Hernán Perez has been on the injury list, I haven't heard any other interest other than Betis, and with their sporting director having just resigned and Garrido perhaps following before too long....

Fiorentina (of course) rumored to be interested in Gio with Gomez and Rossi out, but we are not going to agree to that.

Our current need would appear to be someone to replace Farinós as a fourth option in the doble pivote; either Edu Ramos joins the first team, or we get someone else.   Other than that, I am expecting a signing or two to reinforce the B team--Moi is probably not going back there, Nahuel and Edu Ramos have both been called into the first team now, and Pepe Palau is going to miss the rest of the season with a knee injury, leaving them even thinner in midfield.