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Villarreal receive much praise for Saturday's match

The players returned to training today after a day off, while opponents Celta played today.

Denis Doyle

Yes, it's time to move on from the Real Madrid match, but not quite yet.  Here are a collection of articles that might be of interest:

Cani might have thought a draw was a fair result, Marcelino said "we deserved to beat Real Madrid" (

Player ratings, these from (for some reason, out of 5 stars rather than out of 10)

I guess if we are going to have five takeaways from the match, we might as well let Bleacher Report learn 6 things (we like the first one especially)

Michael Cox praises Diego Lopez....Phil Ball writes of "Submarines vs. Torpedoes", and there is some great writing in here, to be sure.  (Phil's son plays for Real Sociedad's B team, in case you were wondering about the reference in the first paragraph).

Futvillarreal chooses as the title of their recap article Sr. Roig's statement after the match, "I want to congratulate Real Madrid for winning a point"

A little more detail--EPM has the midfield statistics, and they are amazing. Bruno--55 passes attempted, 54 completed, five steals.  Five recoveries for Manu Trigueros as well, and 30 of 34 passes completed.

Michael Robinson (he of "Informe Robinson") gives his analysis of the game in this video clip (there is a bwin ad at the start, sorry about that).  Axel Torres gives his "keys to the match" on Gol TV--the last minute and a half or so is spent praising Manu Trigueros and looking at some of his plays in detail.

Finally, you all want to read Jose Luis Lizarraga's column--we played "4G" football, he says.

And finally--you want to hear Javi Mata's call of our goals, right? Of course you do.

Here is Cani scoring (and incidentally, he overtakes Nihat and Martin Palermo on the Villarreal all-time goalscorers list), and here is Gio's goal!  Incredible.  We'll let Gio have the last word, as far as the match is concerned.

Now then.  It did not escape some commentators that on a day when Real Madrid debuted the most expensive player ever, Villarreal asked fans to donate non-perishable food products for the Castellón food bank.  The response was impressive, with nearly 2000 pounds of rice, pasta, vegetables and so forth, and 1600 liters of milk, donated to help those in need.  We can take just as much pride in that as in the performance on the pitch. ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!