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Villarreal News, September 12 2013

Two days to go before we resume action in La Liga.

Aquino is due for practice on Friday along with Gio
Aquino is due for practice on Friday along with Gio
Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Villarreal had to regain its humility--Sr. Llaneza (Zoom News)

Sr. Llaneza (I would not have recognized him from the photo) said Villarreal had to go back to its roots after relegation.  Also didn't have an opinion about the Bale transfer fee, particularly, and said we are, for the moment, a group of one, "G1", as far as TV rights are concerned

Villarreal is 13th in list of season ticket holders (El Submarino Amarillo)

Pretty good when you consider our catchment area.  Is anyone else surprised at the Elche number, though?  Pretty impressive.

Marcos Senna comments on the upcoming match (AS)

Always good to hear from our ex-capítan.  And he is doing well in NYC, too. Check out this article, "Marcos Senna living up to hype" (One World Sports)

Bale preparing for Villarreal (AS); 5 reasons Madrid was better with Ozil than Bale (Bleacher Report)

We'll see, I guess.  As Sr. Roig commented yesterday, Madrid outspends us 10 to 1, but it's 11 v 11 on the pitch.

And if you haven't yet seen Graham Hunter's article in this vein for ESPN FC, it is a must-read:

Finally, a bad week for Mexican players continues....Ulises Davila misses the penalty in an epic shootout yesterday, Deportivo defeating Cordoba 13-12 on penalties after a 2-2 draw.  Highlights are here.