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Pedro Rios offered to Elche, Farinós still wanted by Marcelino once healthy

Latest is Pedro Rios is going to lose out in our crowded midfield competition. He has looked good in limited action--even scored a sitter against Brighton--but how much playing time would he see?

Marcelino would like to keep Farinós around, even with Manu Trigueros, Tomas Pina and Bruno around. Makes sense to have an experienced player around,and he did look good last year before he was injured:,5b2806bb22e40410VgnVCM10000098cceb0aRCRD.html

However, it appears as though Pedro Rios may be on his way out. He is among several players being offered to Elche by different clubs:

We're not alone in wanting a striker: check out forza futbol's article here:

No new rumors: Bartra still appears to be #1 choice for center back, and no strikers mentioned....

The team resumes practicing with the Ceramica Trophy game coming up on Thursday. Endavant!