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Villarreal finish preseason against Sporting Gijón

It's a bit of an anticlimax after the Trofeu Ceramica for us, but we play in Gijon's annual trophy match, the Trofeo Villa de Gijon, today at El Molinon. We will remember Preciado.

Jasper Juinen

The big news is Villarreal have called up Chechu Dorado to the squad for today's game against Gijón.  Mateo Musacchio is not included--resting his sore knee after the Fiore match.   Otherwise I believe the squad is what we would expect, so I would look for guys like Moi Gomez and Edu Ramos to get some time.  It will probably be antoehr match with lots of substitutions!

There is no TV; Radio Vila-real will be providing commentary though, and I will try to post updates in the comments as the game progresses.

IN other news, Villarreal have signed a youngster from Sporting's academy, Pablo Alvarez:

Not sure what the family reasons for leaving Gijon are, but hopefully he settles in here.

And the word is Sr. Roig (not sure whether Sr. or Jr.)  is going to be in Brazil to close the singing of Paulista tomorrow.  We shall see.

We have another international!  He is Carlos Martínez, one of our C team players, who has been called up by the Dominican Republic for a friendly against Costa Rica.

That's a quick summary.  Endavant!!