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Villarreal news update, July 3

Friendlies finalized, transfers still in process.....

Players!  Bring me players!!
Players! Bring me players!!
Martin Rose

A quick note to bring us up to date on transfers, season tickets, and so forth.

(1) Friendlies--Villarreal's squad reports July 11, and their first friendly is July 20 against Nastic, in Tarragona. There will also be a match on the 24th, against another Spanish lower division club, still being arranged. I would expect it to be close to Vila-real. July 27 is the trip to Brighton; July 31 and August 3 are matches against Almeria and Granada, to be played at a sports park in Murcia.

Fiorentina visits El Madrigal on August 8 for the Ceramica Trophy match, and August 11 Villarreal travel to Alicante to face Hercules.

(2) Transfers--as for who will be playing those games, we await movement in the squad. Sr. Roig said the other day it would all be done by the 10th! According to this, the transfers that are almost done are those for Gio, Pina, and Jokic (and no, I don't understand the Bursaspor situation either). The new news here is Dorado may not be ready until October, so we really do need another central defender!!

(3) Season tickets--15,000 sold already.

More news if and when we get it!