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Friendly: Nàstic vs. Villarreal

First friendly of the preseason in Tarragona. Only radio for this one.

Been a long time, Hernán Pérez.
Been a long time, Hernán Pérez.
Alex Grimm

The beginning of Villarreal's return to the Primera. It all starts in Tarragona against arguably the oldest team in Spain.

Marcelino García Toral will play a different XI in each half, including a number of 'B' teamers.

First half: Aitor; Criado, Alic, Musacchio, Jokic; Pina, Edu Ramos; Juanma, Cámara; Hernán, Jony.

Second half: Zagala; Mario, Pantic, D. Jimenez, J. Jimenez ; Bruno, Manu; Cani, Rios; Juanto, Perbet.

Follow along with Radio Vila-real. Join us on Twitter as well. Endavant Villarreal!

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