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Villarreal News/Rumors, July 13 2013

Still looking for a keeper and a central defender....

Villarreal-Elche action in El Madrigal last season
Villarreal-Elche action in El Madrigal last season
Laura Mellis

Villarreal had its second day of training today, and it began not at the Sports City, but at the Termet, a park northwest of Villarreal proper. It is also where the little hermitage, Ermita de la Mare de Déu de Gracia, is located; this is one of the places the team visits before the season and I believe was one of the stops on the promotion celebration as well. (The original statue of the Mother of God was destroyed in the Spanish Civil War, I was saddended to learn; a modern copy has replaced it).

At any rate, if you'd like to see a bit of players running about through the trees and generally being ignored by the traffic in the road alongside the park (can you imagine this happening in Barcelona or Madrid?), take a look.

Moving on from the travelogue to transfers, although Sr. Roig said he wanted everything wrapped up by the 11th, there is still some unfinished business. Osasuna seems determined to keep Andrés Fernandez, or at any rate are not interested in selling him for whatever we have offered, although he has said he would love to come here. Latest rumors include Brazilian international Julio César from QPR, or possibly Emilio Viviano, a keeper owned by Palermo who has played for Fiorentina on loan in the past.

No new rumors about centerbacks today, but a minor kerfuffle when it was rumored Real Socedad might be looking to spend some of their lottery winnings--er, €32m transfer fee for Illarramendi--on Bruno Soriano. Not likely, nor wanted by anyone connected with Villarreal.

Sharp-eyed readers of the club's official site noted Camuñas is no longer listed there, but there is no news of his departure. Pedro Rios is listed and I assume was at training today; he talked with Marcelino after yesterday's training, apparently. Juanma is still listed as well, as is the recuperating Farinós.

A quick note about the quiniela prizes and promotion t-shirts:

I should be sending out the quiniela prizes before too long--the club has confirmed they are sending something for the winners and I am waiting for it to arrive so as to send everything to you at once.

The promotion t-shirt order has been complicated first by me being away a good deal, and secondly the team hasn't yet listed them in the official website store, so I may have to call and order them directly. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, a reminder that you can order Villarreal USA shirts here (we especially like the yellow one!). I don't know what the cost is to send one outside the USA or how easy that is.

Endavant Villarreal!