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We're looking for a contributor near Spain!

Now that we have returned to the Primera, yes, there will be more coverage of Villarreal in the international press, but there will also be more people interested. We'd love to find someone "on the ground" in Vila-real, or nearby, who can contribute to the site. Maybe you?

Know all about Tomás Pina? Join our staff!
Know all about Tomás Pina? Join our staff!
David Ramos

Hola, groguets!! I know we're all still giddy after winning promotion--the Villarreal USA "staff" certainly is.

As most of you know, this site is run pretty much by three people--Sid, Ravi, and me--with Maddi, who started the original Villarreal USA site, still contributing when he can. We are doing our best to keep up with the team, and hopefully we are, but now that the club has returned to the Primera, we know we can attract even more people to this site--if we had time to do more.

But honestly, we are doing everything we can already, and we could do so much more if we had someone "on the ground" in Spain who could become a regular contributor to the site. We very much appreciate those of you there who post regularly with what's going on that we can't easily find out about here--we hope that will continue, and thank you for doing so--but we'd like to be able to do even more.

Therefore, we're looking for someone who can contribute an article once or twice a week to the site. You don't need to be terribly conversant with anything like Wordpress--the site has its own composing software, and it is easy to use. You don't need to have English as your first language, either--if your English is passable enough so you can write a draft of an article for us to use, that is great.

We can't promise riches, but at least you'll get your name in print, become somewhat famous around Vila-real (if you're not already), and join our podcasts from time to time and see how much fun we have covering this team we all love so much.

If you think you might be interested, email me (groguetusa at gmail dot com) with your contact details, background, etc. and we will be in touch. ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!!!