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Villarreal look ahead to the "grand final"

Papers have interviews with former Villarreal stars including Riquelme, Palermo, and of course Santi Cazorla, all of whom will be paying close attention to Saturday's game

Marcelino with some honest, plain talk, as usual!
Marcelino with some honest, plain talk, as usual!
Robin Harris

Let's catch up with a few stories in the news this morning.

First, Marcelino's press conference. He said we are going to 'play our game', i.e. not just play for a draw; we know Almeria's strengths and weaknesses, they know ours, so let's get it on!

Uche is included in the squad but did not practice today, he told reporters, so I think it's unlikely he starts.

Marcelino: "No vamos a cambiar nada, haremos nuestro juego" | Liga Adelante |

Cani was interviewed in EPM today. He was pretty honest about the bad first half of the season (didn't mention Velásquez by name, but...) and had an interesting take on the Xerez pay-to-win rumors. Also said we've been under pressure the entire second half of the season, especially the last few matches, so we should be used to it, and praised the fans' support:

"¿Presión? Son muchos partidos con la obligación de no fallar" - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Santi Cazorla is interviewed in EPM as well. He's in Florida right now (the Spanish team is playing Haiti in a friendly) and is disappointed he won't be able to watch, though he hopes to get some updates from his mobile. We need to tell him to check out our site, especially as he has been learning English now he's at Arsenal! Interesting that he was hoping to make it to the Xerez match,too.

Santi Cazorla: "Voy a sufrir como si fuera un jugador más del Villarreal" - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

Also support across the ocean coming from the "Argentine submarine", as Marca has it. Diego Cagna, Juan Román Riquelme and Martin Palermo all briefly talk about Villarreal, wish they could be at the match, have some very heartfelt words of support for the club and hope to be watching us win via the internet. Nice.

El 'submarino' argentino -

EPM also reminds everyone that in the event of promotion, please stay off the pitch, and also remind people not to buy tickets from others (because the game is a sellout, there have been several ads on the internet offering tickets at higher prices). Not sure how the club would enforce that easily, probably more of a warning than anything else.