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One year ago...

...we were rocked by the death of Manolo Preciado, just after he had agreed to take over Villarreal.

Win it for this guy, too.
Win it for this guy, too.
Denis Doyle

It has been a roller-coaster ride this last year, and it's not over yet. Reminders all over twitter today that on June 6, 2012, Manolo Preciado passed away, just after he had agreed to become Villarreal's new coach. The chain-smoking Cantabrian, aged 54, appeared to be the ideal choice to bring the Yellow Submarine back to the Primera, as he had previously done the feat with Levante and Real Murcia. Preciado had continually gotten the most from clubs with limited resources, and Sr. Roig certainly would have provided him with a larger budget and more talented squad than he had coached in many years. But a massive heart attack at the hotel where he had agreed to terms with Villarreal ended those dreams.

Someone has proposed standing and cheering in the 6th minute of Saturday's game as remembrance. A nice gesture-- I suspect many people will be standing and cheering the entire match, but something led by the fans' groups in the corners of the pitch might work out well

Let's win this match on Saturday for Preciado, too. Tornarem.