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Villarreal odds and ends, June 15 2013

We catch up with a Vila-real native in Chicago, find a detailed appreciation of Villarreal's trip to Barcelona and their resurgence, and explain why the team's celebration dinner was so special. Plus, there's an interview with Pablo Iñiguez!

THAT picture.  Sid's favorite.   We don't get tired of it!!
THAT picture. Sid's favorite. We don't get tired of it!!
Pablo Iñiguez

Bon día, groguets!! Some Villarreal-related stories you may have missed:

This was posted on our facebook page, but deserves posting here as well. Cristian Sirera is a native of Vila-real, currently living and working in Chicago. Here he explains a little bit about the town, and also why he has to tell most Americans he's from Barcelona!

A Spaniard in Chicago, Vila-real Very few people know this, but I am...

Sandy Jamieson has written extensively about Villarreal, especially the relationship between Celtic and Villarreal fans. Here he turns his attention to the amazing "invasion amarilla" of Barcelona:

Yellow Submarine set to rise again from the depths "

As he noted, there really was only one way for this year's story to end, and that was with a victory in the last match and automatic promotion. And yes, Sr. Roig has set a target of 20,000 season ticket holders, from a town of just over 50,000 plus a few outlying towns. We'll make it, I am sure.

This next story might be of more interest to people like me who "love food", as I've been told, but there's a video here of the celebratory dinner for the club (players, front office, special guests). It took place at the restaurant at El Madrigal, and the chef was a former Villarreal player, Aitor Arregui (played for us from 1997 to 2000, for Deportivo Alaves before that).

Turns out Aitor's father Pedro has operated a restaurant in the Basque Country since the 1960's. Named Elkano, it is very highly regarded, I've even seen it called the best fish restaurant in the world! Apparently Aitor is nicknamed 'the prince of turbot' (El Principe de Rodaballo) since that is their most famous speciality--and that's part of what was served at this meal. I just want some of those way-cool fish grilling baskets.

El Villarreal CF celebra su comida de despedida de la temporada - YouTube

Finally, moving closer to the pitch, here's an interview with Pablo Iñiguez. Well, he does talk about food briefly at the end. Valencian paella, yum!!

Entrevista a Pablo Íñiguez: "En la Rojita hay tan buen rollito como en la absoluta" - Liga BBVA | 6CERO

A reminder Javier Aquino will be in action (we assume) for Mexico tomorrow as they open their Confederations Cup campaign against Italy.