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Villarreal fans in USA, if you want a promotion T-shirt, please read/respond ASAP!

Word is the T-shirts commemorating promotion (they should be the same ones as the players and staff wore after the match and during the promotion celebration) will be available shortly. We're planning to put together one blanket order for American fans, which will save on postage per shirt and make it easier for everyone to buy them. Read below.

UPDATE--I'm told Spanish sizes are smaller than the ones US shops like Russell Athletic, for instance, provide, so I would suggest you may want to go up a size--if you usually wear a medium, get a large. If it's a bit too big, that's better than a bit to small, I think!!

As expected, Villarreal is going to sell commemorative T-shirts commemorating our promotion through the team shop. These will, I am sure, be the same ones the team wore after the match on Saturday and during the promotion celebration. They are yellow with blue lettering, have the "hem tornat" slogan on the front with a photo, "gracies afició" below that, and on the back is either the list of matches or a list of players, I frankly couldn't tell.

I am thinking some of you may want one (or more), and my thought was to gather up orders from those of you who would be interested and send one order to the club--then when I get the shirts I can post them to you via domestic mail. (Sorry, you need to be in the USA to take advantage of this--I can't estimate postage and delivery times elsewhere).

We don't yet know how much the shirts will cost, but my guess would be something in the $22-30 range depending on the cost in euros and how many shirts we end up having shipped from Spain (the more we order, the lower the postage per shirt from Spain).

Note that if you are planning on buying other items on-line through the club shop, I'd rather you ordered the shirt as part of your own order; I need to keep things as simple as possible, both for the club and for me!!

IF you are interested, please email me ( and put "VILLARREAL USA" or something like that in the subject line. I need to know:

(1) your name and mailing address

(2) how many T-shirts you want

(3) your T-shirt size (in general, the Spanish T-shirt sizes are similar to ours; if you wear a large T-shirt in the US, you'll wear a large one there, but if you are caught between two sizes, I'd recommend going with the larger one, I think). There are probably children's sizes, too, but I am not as sure how they translate.

(4) anything else I might need to know to get the shirts to you

I will place the order based on those responses, and once that's done I will know the cost per shirt including shipping from Spain and can give you a final cost. At that point, I will contact those of you who replied, so you can send me payment (via good check, please) and I can mail you the shirt from California.

My understanding is the shirts will arrive at the club shop late next week, so please, get your orders to me by June 20 (a week from tomorrow). Thanks!