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Marcos Senna: leaving Villarreal for a new adventure

Senna clearly wants to remain in Villarreal, but he does have other offers. His reps are meeting with the club today.

Marcos Senna in action.  Should we offer him another contract?
Marcos Senna in action. Should we offer him another contract?
Jasper Juinen

UPDATE: Apparently we did offer Senna a one-year extension, but a team here in the USA (believed to be the New York Cosmos) offered him a two-year deal at significantly more money. Evidently the discussions were pretty quick, because within half an hour of the meeting beginning twitter was full of the news of his imminent departure.

He will bid farewell to Villarreal tomorrow--there will be a ceremony in front of Madrigal's Gate 19, the Senna Gate.
As numrous people have pointed out, he said last year he would not leave with us in the Segunda, and he did not. he departs now with the team having returned to Primera; Villarreal CF begins a new adventure, so does Senna. The wording of the announcement clearly leaves open the opportunity for him to return to Vila-real once his playing days are concluded, and we are united in wishing him well and hoping he does return down the road.

Marcos Senna gave an interview to Marca yesterday in which he said he would love to retire in Villarreal, and thought he could play two more years. Sr. Roig said yesterday Senna was 'the greatest player in Villarreal history' and 'we should all appreciate everything he has done for the club'. Today Senna's agent is meeting with the club brass to discuss Senna's future. Should Villarreal offer him another contract?


Senna is the public face of the club, an incredibly popular player, and a link to our past European glories

He claims he is physically fine, if so could still give us minutes off the bench on a regular basis

He played more minutes this season than in any one since 2007-08

We don't know what's happening with Canteros, so we may still need him in the doble pivote

He is a free kick/penalty kick/corner kick specialist (scored five goals for us this season)

If we resign him now he will certainly end his career with us and can maybe get into coaching or some other job with the club

Regardless of how often he plays, he will be a mentor to the younger players, and is a good locker room presence (so I understand)


Yes, Senna played a lot of minutes, but they were mostly early. Marcelino hardly started him, and whenever he did usually only gave him 60 minutes or so.

For whatever reason, we didn't do that well when he started. 0-0 at Guadalajara, 0-0 at Lugo, 1-1 at home to Recre...

We need to save the money we'd spend on him, and a roster spot, and use it elsewhere.

I'm personally on the "pro" side, but have no idea how much € we're talking about, nor what other options the club might have. Thoughts?