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Girona president thinks Villarreal had something to do with Xerez winning last week

The Girona club president said Villarreal had "something to do with" Xerez's surprise victory at the Montilivi ground last week. Hmm.

Bordas's flowing locks won't be seen on the pitch at El Madrigal this Saturday
Bordas's flowing locks won't be seen on the pitch at El Madrigal this Saturday
Ronny Hartmann

Yes, I know it is the time of year when the conspiracy theorists, of whom there are always a number in Spain, have a field day---and certainly there are lots of stories of suitcases stuffed with money and cigars mysteriously appearing in dressing rooms, etc. that are probably true--but I had to laugh at Girona's club president, Joaquim Boadas de Quintana I believe it is, suggesting Villarreal had something to do with Xerez's win over them last week.

Perhaps he thought Villarreal's decision to release Marquitos and Lucas Porcar last year was nothing more than a clever plot, as we were confident they would score goals against our direct rivals late in the 2012-13 season? Or maybe he's just trying to deflect blame away from his own club, as well as put Xerez on notice he will be watching when they play us to see if they play with the same commitment. (As was pointed out on our podcast, they have actually taken the lead in many games, but have been unable to hold it).

But speaking of Xerez, how motivated can you be when you arrive at your training ground and see this--crosses with your name on them and threats? Something strange going on in Xerez, to be sure. (Note: their training pitch looks to be in a lot better shape than their potato field in their stadium, doesn't it? Hmmm.....)

Sr. Roif tried to remain above the fray in an interview, saying Villarreal certainly played fairly and there were many others who did not:

“El presidente del Villarreal está muy tranquilo. Somos abanderados en la defensa del juego limpio y no todo el mundo puede decir lo mismo. Otros no pueden estar igual de tranquilos, pero al final saldrán a la luz las cosas mal hechas”, vaticinó en Ràdio Vila-real.

At least Sr. Roig learned from the Uche incident last year and included a clause in Gerard Bordas's loan agreement that prevents him from playing against us. I am sure the Girona presi is upset about that, too.